This was a blogpost I wrote for a furniture store client recently. They asked me to write about how furniture “can become like a member of the family”. Which, I must admit, made me stare blankly into space for a really long time. Then I remembered “the gold chair” and out flowed this post.

Like a Member of the Family…

Most of us probably have at least one these “members of the family” in our home. Or maybe it’s still living in your parents’ home, long after you grew up and moved out. It’s in the background of so many family photos — silently participating in decades of birthday parties, holiday celebrations and just regular day-to-day family life.

For my family, it’s “the gold chair”. Even though it’s now brick-red after its third or fourth reupholstering (it hasn’t been its original Harvest Gold color in over 25 years), the whole family still calls it “the gold chair”. It was the ground on which many fierce sisterly battles were fought — generally over who would get to sit in its prime viewing spot for that evening’s episode of Love Boat. It was our favorite spot for painting our toenails (which probably explains reuphostery job #1). It comforted us during sick days, broken bones and broken hearts. It was in the background of Halloween costume parades, back to school wardrobe fashion shows, prom photos, and bridal showers. It’s been packed onto a moving truck to go live in three different houses. Besides us, it has held countless visiting relatives and friends — and in succession, three different dogs, seven different cats, and each of our five babies in the arms of Grammy or Papa.

That’s what we mean by furniture that’s like a “member of the family”: those pieces of furniture that never go out of style and never fail at quietly fulfilling their daily responsibilities. For some families it’s Grandma’s dining room table, or Aunt Ada’s desk, or Mom and Dad’s bedroom set. At some point, someone in the family decided to invest his or her hard-earned money in a quality piece of furnitureā€¦ and here it is decades later– maybe in a different house or even a different part of the world — but still an essential part of family life.

That’s the thing about quality furniture, its an investment that pays back in ways you can’t express in a dollar figure. Long after the initial purchase, quality furniture enhances your home and your family life with comfort, ease of care, and style. …[then on to the pitch to shop at client’s store]

p.s. kudos if you get the Pee Wee’s Playhouse reference

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